Kabbalah Coaching

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As you know, there are thousands of coaches working with greater or lesser success so… what´s the difference to be coached in a particular way with me?

I apply a dynamic balancing technique based on the Tree of Life (from Hebrew Kabbalah) in which all parts of the system nourish and transform each other, in such a way that when an area (or sefirah) is modified, inexorably all the others are too. So when you grow or resolve some aspect, another appears to be transformed or optimized, in a continuous balance that improves or corrects (Tikun) the pieces alltogether.

In the process of coaching with Kabbalah tools, you learn from Hebrew sources while training the mind and emotions to discover your personal mission, succeed in your business, interpret dreams, learn to read between the lines, contact the divinity, distinguish messages, improve or establish links, realize material ambitions, discover hidden talents, improve traumatic situations, balance excesses and defects, discern and make the best decisions, among other things.


Personalized coaching sessions, specific issues with different kabbalistic methods, that do not require continuity. 90 minutes, random frequency.


Personalized Tree of Life: 10 one hour online sessions, analyzing from where your energy flows, and how to direct it to reach your goals.

The personalized work with the Tree of Life, which includes Hebrew letters (paths or tzinorot) or the elements that may appear necessary, range from everyday and apparently unimportant topics, to your deepest expressions, such as archetypes of your unconscious, which we analyze together through dreams. The work encourages the expression of parts that were hidden and that come to light to complete or repair what is missing, empty, or degraded.

Training with Kabbalah is focused on learning and practicing a specific method without generating dependency; in such a way that once finished it can be used as many times as it deems appropriate.

This system, which includes, among other things, emotional restraint when necessary, aims at the realization of objectives, a detailed analysis of talents, the observation of deviations or errors, the practice of internal and external material, emotional and mental balance.

Anticipation or prevention, strategy, context, are part of the framework that is refreshed with each question and circumstance.

When you feel good it is because you have found your internal balance; your training and the challenges that are presented to you are an opportunity to show who you are and realize the meaning of your life.

Obstacles are experienced as part of the integrative experience of life and the possibility of applying what has been learned to transcend them or incorporate them as a skill for personal development.

It is all about to become more of yourself.



Guidance: if you have any doubts or hesitate regarding which method or course is best for you, please contact me.